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Future Technologies that Will Have Impact on Daily Life

3dTechnology changes so rapidly, with advances being made at an incredible rate, altering the way we live our daily lives. This article explores future technologies that will impact positively upon on our lives, changing the way we live, with improvements, inventions, medical breakthroughs and timesaving contraptions; from 3D printing, to interactive sat nav; joint repair via injection; virtual reality headsets; driverless cars; Internet projected worldwide, holidays in space etc. 10 future technologies include:

1. Form 1 – 3D Printer

The Form 1 3D printer means that digital objects can be printed physically using resin and lasers, and this is something that everyday people can own and have in their home. You can mass-produce items from home, without the need of a manufacturer. People have the ability to make as many creative items as they wish. This type of printer would be ideal for art and craft projects. You can change the colour of the resin in the tank. It will give you an estimate of how long your object will take to print. It can take a number of hours for your 3D object to print, depending on its complexity

2.Injectable Tissue Engineering

hundreds of thousands of people need hip and knee replacement surgery every year. At John Hopkins University research has created a treatment whereby joints are injected with cells, polymers and growth enhancers that cause healthy tissue to grow, so that there’s no longer any need for surgery because this repairs the problem. By having something that can be injected, rather than transplanted, this makes it a much easier and less invasive process, which means people have a quicker recovery. (more…)


The Impact of Art on a Human Brain

Vassily_Kandinsky,_1913_-_Composition_7Works of Art

Works of art can be appreciated for the skill the artist has used, familiarity with their past work and the ability to make comparisons with it, the colours, the style, the shape and texture; we can find art aesthetically pleasing. We enjoy looking at artwork, and it can stir emotions in us, we can appreciate the scenes depicted. It can be wonderful also to create works of art; it can give us a creative output, a means of expression, a therapeutic sense of therapy. Recent research has been carried out to examine the impact that art has on human brains.

Research has looked at both how a person observes art and the impact of this on the brain; and also the impact that creating art has on the brain too. A study was conducted in 2014 by art curator Gary Vikan and Ed Connor from John Hopkins University, where people were asked to wear 3D glasses and look at abstract shapes, and then report which they found to be the most visually pleasing. Their lab results were compared with regular people who had visited the Walters Art Museum, and the results were incredibly similar. Works of abstract art that had been liked by people at the Art museum, were found to be similarly liked in the lab. There was something about the way the shapes had been set out, that appealed to both sets of people.

Piece of Art

When someone looks at a piece of art, there’s a lot going on in their brain. We analyse the work; we’ll view it as a form of expression and therefore may attempt to derive some message or meaning from it; we’ll appreciate it on an aesthetic level; and to some extent we’ll see if we can identify with the piece of art. There’s a term called ‘embodied cognition’ that relates to how we as observers of art work feel the quality of it. This could make us feel like we’re being drawn in, and can almost imagine the feeling of being part of the painting; or in textured art-work, we could imagine splattering the canvas with paint ourselves.

People who create works of art themselves, have excellent observational skills. A scientist called Dr. Lora Likova asked artists to draw whilst having an MRI scan, so that she could monitor the effect of art on the brain. Likova’s research was conducted with people who had been blind from birth, and they’d been taught to feel a shape and draw it from memory; this training and research demonstrated that when the subjects were doing this, their primary visual cortex was activated. This demonstrated that being creative with art and drawing can increase the brain’s plasticity. (more…)


Introduction to the Science of Politics

title+picScience of Politics

The Science of Politics is about the way in which politics should be studied. Political Science can be said to draw upon the fields of psychology, history, economics, ethics, mathematics, biology and sociology. The many different fields that the Science of Politics embraces has led many to query whether the subject is indeed a science, or an art form. It’s a very difficult subject area to pin-down and define. Political Science can often take into account social norms, perceptions of fairness, cooperation, the nature of power, laws, and has a big emphasis on cause-and-effect. Political Scientists may study politicians, the behavior of voters, the creation of laws, public-policy experts, interest groups, the use of force, economic decisions, ways to influence social behavior, and the generation or loss of trust from the public.  Political scientists certainly develop their ability to solve problems, think analytically, conduct thorough research in order to prove and support facts, and they have a good understanding of bias.

Believe Politics

Many people believe politics can be studied in a methodical and analytically critical way just like a regular traditional science, including Aristotle and Gerring. There is a belief that there are scientific ‘laws’ that can be applied to political behavior. The science of politics is about how ideas are produced, and how these are relayed to the general public; all of this impacts upon political discourse. A key thing to take into account though in any study into the science of politics is to distinguish between what is political, and what is not political, and to clearly define this, with a clear focus on the political community. (more…)

Martial Arts

Spirituality and Martial Arts

Spirituality and Martial Arts

Spirituality and martial arts –regardless of the technique or form- are intertwined. Sadly, many people settle only with knowing the physical attributes of the arts and neglect spirituality altogether.

If you are into martial arts, you should realize that it is more than just knowing the application of strikes, throws, immobilization, joint locks, grappling, kicking, combat techniques and others. And it is not even simply wearing the best BJJ gi like those reviewed here. Martial Arts requires a complete physical, mental and spiritual discipline to be able to completely master the arts. However, its spiritual side is not widely known. In fact, not many people realize the spirituality of Martial Arts.

In many ancient oriental cultures, Martial Arts was considered a way of life. It is something that requires more than just knowing and doing the basic physical training. Followers are urged to develop the values of discipline, concentration and self-awareness. Early martial arts masters teach their students that strength comes from within them. As such, included in the ancient martial arts classes are breathing techniques, imagination and self-reflection. These are essential parts of martial arts that help strengthen the very core of the student.

Being a combat sport, martial arts may seem contrary to spirituality. But the truth is that martial arts never espouse aggression, conflict or violence; quite contrary, it promotes peace, harmony and non-violence. Ancient martial arts techniques are intended protect oneself from an aggressor by deflecting an attack or pacifying an opponent. There are no ancient techniques that are aimed at harming others. It is mainly for preservation of oneself and of others.

Furthermore, when you subject yourself to martial arts training, you are to endure tremendous physical challenge. These martial situations definitely require strong spirit. You can only hurdle such extreme difficulty if you have a willful spirit. And it is for these very reasons why martial arts can be a great way to hone the spirit and a spiritual experience. In fact, many religions even incorporate martial practices like fasting, abstinence, strict moralities, routines, etc. in order to challenge their followers and to strengthen the spirit.

Martial arts require a set of challenges: habitual practice, physical fatigue, sparring, and training. The reasons for these practices are clear, if you want to be better, you need to these things. So, there is no need to ponder “why I have to do this or that.” It comes from within your self. You have to use your spirit in order to hurdle these challenges. It’s hard to make excuses or lies. If you don’t focus on the goal, then your spirit is not that good.

So, the next time you don your new jiu jitsu gi (as reviewed at Grappling Dummy Insider), be reminded that martial arts can be more than just a physical training. Heighten up your spiritual awareness and make your practice a phenomenal one. The best thing about having a spiritual training is that it overflows to all the other aspects of your life. It makes you a stronger person and be a good fighter ready to tackle all the challenges that life might bring!


Innovations that have boosted productivity in farming

In the past four or five decades, agricultural production has been tripled. While feeding an ever-growing population using a finite land amount is a challenging feat, the innovations in agriculture over the years have made this possible. The technological advances have made even the smallholder farmers to increase their productivity. Here are some important advances:

Dairy hubs

The dairy hubs connect the smallholder farmers with the dairy processors, reducing costs and increasing profits for the local communities. Farmers have as a result gained a higher income. They are able to raise healthier animals and get proper education. The production of affordable and safe milk has increased as a result.

Fertilizer deep placement

This method is used by farmers in Niger, Nigeria and Burkina Faso. The conventional way of spreading seeds in rural areas is by hand. The FDP (Fertilizer Deep Placement) is an innovative way of fertilizer distribution. It has various benefits including increased yield by about 18 percent and reduced fertilizer usage by about one third.

The method uses special fertilizer termed as briquette that releases nitrogen in a gradual way. Fertilizer is kept about 10cms from the soil surface, reducing the nitrogen loss due to runoffs. LED grow lights are another innovation aimed at growing plants indoors. You can grow your own organic vegetables and herbs with the aid of the LED devices available at http://plantozoid.com/

Mobile apps

Since mobiles are used by most people even in rural areas, agriculture encouraging apps have been created in plenty. The farming instructor app for instance, helps in providing necessary agricultural data for the farming communities in rural regions. VetAfrica is one such app that enables farmers and animal health personnel to diagnose common illnesses in livestock and the appropriate drugs needed for the diseases. Since Africa has over 100 million farmers, spread in just east Africa alone, the mobile as well as cloud solutions will be in high demand in the markets here.


For increasing production, greenhouses are an ideal choice. Greenhouses are used prevalently by Turkmenistan farmers due to the reduced amount of farmlands here. The greenhouses increase yield of cucumber and tomato plants to about double the normal yield. Greenhouses are created with roofs that are 12 feet or more in height. Grow tents such as those at Plantzoid.com also offer a great way to grow plants indoors.

Feeding systems

Animal health has been boosted and labor costs reduced drastically with the total mixed ration system. This feeding system of farm animals includes blending and weighing of foodstuffs ensuring that all nutrient requirements are met with properly. As a result, the profitability is greatly increased cutting down feed costs resulting in maximum milk yield. Feed costs usually make up about 70 percent of the total farming cost.

Software for farm management and training

Effective strides in farming are possible only when the rural farmers can be trained in proper animal care, crop development, and pest control. With the help of software for farm management, farmers can calculate the right amount of feeds needed, choose the right milking systems, and many other aspects making productive farming a simple and easy one.


How LEDs Are Helping Us Fight Climate Change

How LEDs Are Helping Us Fight Climate ChangeClimate change is one of the modern world’s most pressing concerns. In the past few years, we’ve seen how rising temperatures in our planet can bring havoc and destruction to different parts of the globe. While there are still a few skeptics of this phenomenon, global leaders are racing against time putting forward measures and policies to slow down the effects of climate change as well as to mitigate its consequences.

We have seen a lot of discussions and ballyhoos going around as to how climate change should be addressed. Policymakers, scientists and experts have varying insights about how we should confront this global concern. But there is one technology (although hardly noticed) that is making huge strides in curbing our carbon footprint – that’s LED (light-emitting diodes).

Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are fast becoming the heroes of energy efficiency around the world. LEDs can now be found everywhere. From being merely used in circuit board components, these energy efficient lights are now used for different lighting purposes. You can find LED light bars for your car, such as those reviewed at Light Bar Report, or LED light bulbs. And over the recent years, these LED light bulbs are becoming more and more affordable. In fact, many experts now recommend replacing the previous icon of efficiency – the CFL or compact fluorescent bulb.

Compared with CFL bulb, an LED light bulb can emit up to 100 lumens per watt. Its lumen ratio has gone up over the last three years and these LED lights are becoming more and more efficient every year. If all current light bulbs in all homes are replaced with LED lights, we can cut energy consumption by two hundredfold. More energy efficiency can be expected if all light bulbs, such as in streetlights, follow suits. A reduction in energy consumption equates to a considerable cut in carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants. The government’s programs to make homes more energy efficient are a great stride in our collective effort to help thwart the effects of climate change. In 2012, CFL light bulbs and incandescent bulbs have been phased out giving way for the more efficient LED bulbs.

LED technology seems to be the Holy Grail in the campaign against global warming. It is evident that the technology has advanced at an incredible speed over a very short period. There are a number of reasons why the LED technology has improved at such an amazing speed. First off, it offers a viable solution to a global problem that many funders are eager to help its developers and researchers. Second, there have been ongoing improvements in optics, LED chips, package contribution, and thermal management that all help create a more efficient light bulb while keeping manufacturing costs at a minimum. Finally, there is a huge and vibrant market ready to patronize the technology. The US Department of Energy recorded a 22-percent increase in the global sales of LED and is predicting that LEDs could account for up to 75 percent of all LED lights sold worldwide by year 2030.

If only LED light bulbs become viral the soonest time, we could all help thwart the predicted hazards of climate change.


Laugh away your worries

Laugh away your worriesThe cure for our illnesses does not always lie in the medicines we create. Even laughter can cure you of many things that plague you day and night. Studies reveal that humor helps reduce pain, boosts immunity, and energy, and protects you from stress.

The sound of laughter is more contagious than common cold and when you share it, you will find that it is a far effective tool for your happiness and togetherness. Here are some important benefits of laughter you should know about.

Mind and body

Having a good sense of humor is a powerful tool as it acts as a protective cover for you mood swings and emotions keeping you in good health.  When you laugh, it acts as a potent antidote for conflict, pain, and stress. It reduces your burden, inspires hope, and helps you connect with others. You will be grounded, alert, and focused.

The potent effect for renewing and healing you get when you are able to laugh easily can be used to treat unsurmountable issues and improve relationships, while supporting your health emotionally and physically. Karaoke singing is another pastime that has been found to have a similar effect. Having an effective sing along machine such as those at http://www.karaokeisle.com/best-karaoke-machine-reviews-guide/ is necessary to make the experience more rewarding.

Health effects

Laughter helps in relaxing the entire body. When you have a hearty laugh, you will feel all the stress and tension leave you for more than 45 minutes after. Other health benefits include

  • Immune system improvement is induced by reducing stress hormone secretion and increasing the immune cells and antibodies improving the overall disease resistance.
  • Endorphins, which are the feel good substances found in the body naturally, are released by laughter. Your overall wellbeing and pain relief is improved as a result
  • Heart receives additional protection with laughter. This is because when you laugh the blood circulation improves leading to protection from various cardiovascular problems including heart attack.

In short, laugher boosts immunity, reduces stress hormone levels, lowers pain, relaxes muscles, and prevents heart diseases.

Mental benefits

With laughter, you get a host of mental health advantages too. It adds zest to your life and eases away your fear and anxieties by relieving stress and improving mood. Resilience is enhanced. As mentioned before, karaoke singing too helps to mingle socially and reduce stress. With a top quality karaoke machine found at this source, you can have a great time singing along with friends and family and have the benefit of good health too.

Social benefits

Laughter has benefits in social context too. It improves relationships and helps attract other people to you. It paves way for improved teamwork. It also defuses conflict and promotes bonding within groups.

Of all the benefits, improved emotional health is the most significant. Laughter helps you sustain an optimistic and positive outlook of life while dealing with loss, disappointments, and difficult situations. When faced with even the most difficult situation, a smile, or laugh makes a great deal of difference in helping you feel better. Even listening to laughter stimulates your brain and gears you up for fun and laughter.


How You Use Your Tools Can Save The Planet

Pick a tool. Pick anyone you can think of, even if you are not a regular user of everyday tools that, today, we all pretty much take for granted. So you think you are one of those clerical minds who don’t use tools and would rather rely on others who have the handy and necessary skills to use them? In your clerical world, one of your required skills is the ability to think clearly and rationally. So, put on your thinking cap – a tool of trade, by the way – and think about this for a moment.

The pen is still mightier than the sword

As you read this post, you are using another important tool of trade. Most of you knew that already. Invariably, in this case, you are maneuvering your mobile phone app or making use of the online search engine on your desktop to take advantage of this post and the rest of the content clearly outlined on this website. You have both your heart and mind in the right place because the overriding theme on this blog is about making the world that we live in bearable and, more importantly, sustainable.

All in the interest of sustainable living and reversing our carbon footprint in our immediate surroundings, Archery Boot Camp, presents avid hunters with a splendid opportunity to ditch their destructive hunting rifles and utilize a more sustainable hunting tool while making a contribution towards nature conservation and curbing the plague of wildlife extinction.

Now, the way you utilize your desktop and included social media apps also counts for a lot. As they say elsewhere, the message is in the details, or the message is the thing. On a more classical level, it is nice to know that many people still believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

Use all tools with care

But again, it’s quite important how you publish your message of goodwill that counts, effectively going a long way towards countering many reams of hate speech that no one authority or humane organization can keep up with in a single day. http://archerybootcamp.com/martin-mamba-review/ is all about a day in the life of a legend. Branded as one of the most powerful hunting tools of its kind, it also has an undertone of respectability about it. Perhaps for its venom or for its misunderstood ferociousness when threatened, the green and black mambas are two of the world’s most poisonous snakes known.

Nevertheless, this reminds us and gives us further hints on how the use of livestock, also as a tool of trade, has been grossly abused over the last fifty years or so, and yet, in today’s uncertain economic and environmental times, can still be used carefully and with proper care to sustain the planet.

Perhaps it’s worthwhile closing this post on a spiritual note by recognizing the contributions made by the Mormons of which billionaire and former presidential candidate, Mitch Romney, is part of.


High-tech hunting gear

There have been several advancements in hunting in recent years making the process a highly pleasant one for a hunter. As for the game, there is very little chance of escape. With the latest in tech, you can easily find the way to the right cover area, record the best shots, and snag game effectively. While having all the advantages on your side may not make hunting a fair game, the various technologies have made hunting productive. Here are some of the important technical improvements in hunting equipment.

High definition cameras

When compared to the normal scouting cameras, the advanced high definition camera is provided with three motion sensors of infrared type that cover 150 degrees. The nifty device comes in five modes namely infrared activated game camera, 150-degree panoramic view, plot camera with time lapse, day use plot camera and motion detecting night camera, and the day and night video with 720p HD. While on a hunting trip having gear such as tactical knives such as those at http://www.edgehunting.com/best-tactical-knife-reviews/ provides a much better advantage for the hunter.

Smart Hunting rifles

Although the cost may be inhibitive, the smart rifles are capable of taking down deer from more than a mile.  Range finders on rifles help gauge the right shot. With range compensation, the exact distance to shoot from either downhill or uphill can be easily assessed. The accuracy is great and the lens is rain repellant, so you can have unobtrusive vision even in wet weather.

GPS Tracking

GPS trackers for use in hunting dogs help transmitting signals from the collar using GPS, which is handheld. You will know whether your dog is treeing some bird, sitting or running with the aid of the GPS. The tiny LCD screen will display the images clearly. The GPS tracker can be used for nearly 10 dogs over a distance of about nine miles, but this is dependent on the type of terrain.

Updated versions give advanced topographic information and better view for tacking. With the tracker it is easy to close in on the game. Efficient tools need not always be of highly advanced type. Even basic tools such as the tactical knife at EDGEHUNTING help to make your hunting trip productive.

Dog cameras

Cameras can be attached to hunting dogs to get a clear record of the region. When you attach the camera to your hunting dog and send it on a scouting run, you can watch the recorded video when he gets back. The camera is perfectly safe with rugged and waterproof features and the fit is comfortable so does not inconvenience the dog much.

And you have multipurpose devices that contain digital clock with alarm, compass, LED flashlight and most importantly a facility to charge your mobile phone via USB port. The solar powered gadgets are rugged units that are essential to have while on a hunt. The thick plastic covering helps to keep the gadget safe from inclement weather and you even get a bottle opener to enjoy your favorite cold drink after a successful hunt.


Making the best use of your swimming pool

Making the best use of your swimming pool

With oceans taking up over 60 percent of our planet, swimming is a natural pastime for many. It is a popular sports that is fun to do and healthy too. It is a wonderful way to make friends, keep fit, and stay healthy. And it is an activity for all age groups. Elderly people are advised to swim as part of their physical activity routine, instead of walking or other exercises because swimming is the least harmful for the joints. It produces least impact with several benefits. And another advantage of taking up swimming is, it can be continued for an entire lifetime.

As a recreational activity, swimming is quite popular providing a good workout and is an excellent way for relaxing and being with friends. Sidestroke, freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke are some of the common styles used in recreational swimming. Other than recreation, swimming is also done at the competitive level. When you involve in swimming competitively, you get an intensive workout and enjoy the thrill and fun of being in a competition.

Butterfly, backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke are common strokes used in competitive swimming. The distance covered in a competition range from 50 meters in a swimming pool to longer distances in open waters. People prefer homes with pools either in ground, or above ground to enjoy their daily swim.  Installing proper pool heaters helps in continuing with the activity round the year.

Technology in swimming

Technological advancements in swimming range from enhanced swimwear to monitoring water temperature to ensure comfortable swimming conditions. Scientifically advanced fabrics are being used as swimwear for competitive swimming and in triathlons. The fabrics are a blend of nylon and spandex. The composite fabrics help to reduce the drag when swimming against water giving more speed to the swimmers.  Increased gliding in water, reduced water absorption are some of the features the new fabrics are capable of providing. Solar heaters for pools such as those as PoolHeaterWorld.com provide energy efficient heating for indoor and outdoor pools.

Safety and Maintenance in pools

The energy efficiency in pools is enhanced by high-speed pumps that reduce energy consumption and maintain the pool effectively. Pool covers to save water and energy taken for cleaning, thermometers for improving water temperature efficiency, are some of the technical advancements that have reduced the burden on homeowners. Safety features are necessary in swimming pools, especially in pools where children swim. Some effective features used in residential and public swimming pools include pool fences and safety nets.

Pool fences are gate locked and completely childproof. The fences are made of wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, or composite. They can be removable or permanent. Safety nets give a secure and safe protective barrier, while enabling homeowners to maximize the space present. The advantage of the nets over fences is that children cannot get under the net or climb over it as they do in a fence.  A net can be easily removed. It takes just under 5 minutes and to replace it you need only about 10 minutes. Pool ladders, lifts, and anti-entrapment devices are other equipment used in pools for safety purposes.


A Look into the Future of the Cosmetics Industry

A Look into the Future of the Cosmetics IndustryTechnology is sweeping through pretty much everything, and the cosmetics industry isn’t spared from it. Over the past few years, the cosmetics industry has embraced new technologies to stay relevant to the new generation. We’ve seen beauty care products move from the traditional media to the newer platforms like the social media. Some of the leading cosmetics brands have even customized smartphone applications that aim to help users, at the same time, a perfect way to sell their products. But these are not just the

We’ve seen miracle shots that could dissolve cellulite or anti-aging facial toning cosmetic gadget that promises a non-surgical facelift. And every day, new technologies are produced and offered to the market. Without a doubt, the beauty industry has caught up with futuristic world of science and technology.

There are a lot of innovations happening in the beauty industry, but the pervading trend is that users are given the power to perform beauty procedures by themselves. Some five years back, cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation or skin toning required professionals but with new technologies and products consumers can now perform these procedures even at their homes. The coming of such products has pushed doctors to study and develop new cosmetic procedures – that are better and more permanent. Some are even pushing the boundaries farther by aiming to find solutions that will halt the aging process.

But while many cosmetic procedures can now be done at home, there are other be
auty regimens that are best left to professionals. For instance, while you can find and use D-I-Y nail art kits, many would still prefer to have their nails cared for by a trained nail technician. Probably, nail technician schools is something that won’t ever become obsolete, regardless of however advanced the technology becomes. The same goes with hairdressing, makeup and other cosmetic regimens that women can’t likely perfect by themselves. This means workers in the beauty industry won’t need to worry much as hairdressers, makeup artists and nail technician salary won’t likely be affected.

The greatest thing about innovations is that these technologies would certainly give way to products that are safer and more effective. The industry would likely see new cosmetic products that wouldn’t only look women more beautiful but also keep them healthy. Over the recent years, we have seen a lot of make-ups that have been beefed up with vitamins and minerals. Cosmetic manufacturers have also made possible cosmetic products made of all-organic ingredients. It’s safe to say that a lot can be expected on improving the quality of beauty care products.

So, you may ask: how will women react to these innovations in the industry? Obviously, women will embrace these new technologies especially that they are guaranteed to be safer and more effective. And as our life expectancy continue to rise, the need to look beautiful even becomes more necessary. It’s exciting to see how new beauty care products unfold in the coming years.


Information Era

Hunting Technologies to Watch Out For

Hunting Technologies to Watch Out ForTechnology is changing the world in all spheres – and even age-old hobbies seem not immune to these innovations. Just last holiday, a friend of mine gifted me with a spectacular hunting rangefinder like the ones reviewed at this site http://rangefinderadvice.com/best-hunting-rangefinders/. It’s an impressive and useful gadget that will certainly make my next hunting expedition a lot more exciting. But aside from rangefinders, there are a lot of new technologies that has revolutionized this ancient hobby (originally a survival skill).

While some hunters prefer the no-frills, all skills approach to hunting, there are many who find excitement using the latest and most modern hunting technologies. Here are just a few technological trends in hunting enthusiasts should watch out in the future.

State-of-the-Art GPS Units

GPS technology is all around us. They can be found on cars, mobile devices, computers, boats and many other connected devices. In the hunting, GPS technology would provide more detailed 3D maps that would aid in navigation difficult terrains. The coming of better GPS gadgets would allow real-time mapping of the hunter’s surroundings.

Advanced Digital Trail Cameras

An important part of the modern hunters’ arsenal is the digital trail cameras. With the advanced trail cameras, the gadgets will be able to provide useful information about different animals’ unique behavior. These cameras would be able to stream video and photo content from the field straight to a remote smart device or computer. It would also be paired with more improved night vision capabilities making hunting even more precise.

Better Scent Control

Over the recent years, we’ve seen different scent control hunting products that include sprays, gear, and apparel. A rapidly growing tech trend in hunting, we can anticipate the coming of better scent control products in the near future.

Smart Optics

Optics for rangefinders, binoculars, rifle scopes, and shotgun sights has seen dramatic improvement in the past years. You can check out some state-of-the-art rangefinders by clicking this link. The most modern optics can provide accurate information, such as the exact distance of the target as well as a more responsive tracking even from great distances.

Modern Bow Technology

The hunting scene would soon be dominated by sophisticated, modern weapons that include hunting bows. Bow makers are continually pushing the boundaries, creating better and more accurate bows. Expect the most modern bows to be feature-laden.

Improved Game Calls

Hunting enthusiasts now have a wide variety of game calls right at their fingertips, thanks to smartphone programs. Along with the improvements in speaker technologies, we expect digital game calls to be clearer and more effective for hunters.

Smart devices and mobile apps

As smart devices and mobile devices become far-reaching where almost anything is possible, mobile apps designed to improve the hunting experience are highly anticipated. Furthermore, wearable technology such as smartwatch and smart glasses are likely to find their way into this hobby.

There are unlimited possibilities as to how these gadgets and technologies can enrich and revolutionize the ever exciting world of hunting. As of now, we’ll just have to wait and see as the future of hunting unfolds before our eyes.

Daily Life

Doing things organically is the new paradigm and the way of the future

Doing things organically is the new paradigm and the way of the futureThe way humankind has lived for at least the last two hundred years or so has seen to it that whoever follows us in the future will be living a drastically different life from the one we became accustomed to living all these years and up to now. But today’s men and women are faced with harsh realities and difficult choices to make to ensure that their lives are profitable, sustainable and meaningful. They have all been caught in the midst of a radical paradigm shift.

Imagine walking downtown at a busy time of the day and all of a sudden a massive earthquake occurs.

Change has been disastrous for many

Equate this imaginary disaster with the lives of today’s people. Not only did things change – some cynics argue that the changes were for the worst, one wily politician propagated that it was change that his followers could believe in and duly got elected to the highest office in the land – it changed dramatically and quickly, like a landslide or a flooded river that could take no more and allowed its banks to burst.

Learning new things in next to no time is not easy at the best of times. It’s difficult when the changes are enforced. But there are those who have ended up ironically being successful in life because they embraced these changes, not necessarily believing in them, and made the best use of them as possible. It perfectly matched their own mission in life towards doing things organically in the full knowledge that not only would it be good for them and their communities, it would be necessary and become an essential futuristic way of life just to survive, never mind living life to the full and enjoying it.

Instead of spending an unnecessary fortune on new brands, poorly stitched together by workers other than those close to home and workers working under appallingly inhumane conditions bordering on seventeenth century slavery, organic homemakers are making their own clothes with quality sewing machines and good sergers which cost them far less than what they would have to spend on clothes for years to come.

Doing things organically is the new paradigm and the way of the futureInstead of spending an unnecessary fortune on commercially processed and unhealthily packaged food produce, all massively and unsustainably developed, manufactured and store-packed by large multinational companies, mostly with vested lobby interests to keep them profitable, organic-inclined homemakers are growing their own food in their backyards. Those that have the rural space to do this are rearing their own animals too. They are also self-sufficient in power, using the wind and the sun, rather than being dependent on a costly, fossil fuel burning national grid.

Planning to live sustainably and organically is easy if you try

The more common universal term for sergers is over-lockers. At http://sergerpro.com/juki-mo-735-review/ a review is given on the main advantages of the functional use of one such portable model.

Many other coherent examples are also given on how to live sustainably and organically. This makes planning the path for the future so much easier.

Daily Life

How to survive twenty-first century life comfortably

For most Americans and people from the rest of the world, life has always been hard.

The poorest of the poor, if they are able to do this, get up in the morning and quite literally head off just to survive. Their first task of the day is usually the search for food. Those who fell off the food chain, whether through no fault of their own, or quite deliberately, are left at the mercy of others.

How to survive twenty-first century life comfortably

Generally speaking, those ‘others’ don’t come to their aid with the caveat that they are pressed for time to serve men and women much higher up the food chain and specifically those known to the rest of the educated (or self-educating) world as the ‘one percent’. That 1 percent to which we are referring to here is also known as the world’s richest one percent. Those on the pavement who have ignored the plight of the poor are not necessarily selfish human beings but are, indeed, quite preoccupied with their own lives.

It takes a lot of will-power; call it metaphorical firepower, if you will, to survive in this rat race. Many of those preoccupied citizens just mentioned would shy from revealing the truth about their private lives, never full admitting to their peers just how much they already struggle just to keep up.

Average Americans, or average income earners or citizens, depending where in the world you hail from, also have hard lives ahead of them. In order to make sure that they indeed do have food on the table, they have to work pretty hard to make that a reality by the time they arrive back home from work usually much later in the evening or night.

An introduction to surviving twenty-first century life

This website gives a wonderful introduction on the practicalities and benefits of installing and using a mini-home gym in the form of a power rack. Even without these notes, advocates of sustainable and healthy living will already have been waxing lyrical about their preference for such home appendages rather than the conventional and best-known practices for keeping fit. These conventions include the use of a packed, overcrowded commercial city gym, at peak hours and late at night.

In order to survive twenty-first century life comfortably, modern urban dwellers still need to overturn a great many more tables, our metaphorical reference for overturning a long list of conventions.

Let this be the first day of the rest of your life

Using the above introduction on healthy exercise, one of the best ways for men and women to get this right is to write their own introduction to a new and necessary chapter in their lives. Once they’ve done that, they can begin drafting that first, wonderful chapter with opening lines to the effect of ‘this is the first day of the rest of my life’.

In order to survive and live comfortably, well within our means, we also need to be healthy in mind.

Information Era

Tech trends that change the game in 2015

Innovations in technology do not produce their full impact overnight. You can find the changes only in an incremental basis with occasional spurts of brilliance. In fact, what we had considered as great breakthroughs several years back, have morphed into tangible services and product now. Many other such changes are happening continually with the promise of monumental changes in the coming years. Here are some trends to watch out.

Big Data

binary-139838_960_720Big Data is old news in 2015, but it cannot be ignored as such. The fact is we are generating data and storing it at a maniacal pace. According to a google executive, around 5 Exabyte information is being generated once in two days and this is increasing fast and would have doubled as we enter into 2016.

Data is not only generated by us but also captured at an alarming rate via mobile sensors and apps we use, which is set to go further uphill in future. And these data are like unmined gems that hold the power of influencing big decisions by major companies and even governments around the world.

Data can now be used to decide on how effective a product can be marketed. For instance, a shoe retailer can know which type of shoes their prospective customers prefer. Even if data helps fast forward marketing and sales strategies, good quality shoes for running or other types always attract more customers. As big data gets more and more sophisticated it may be relied upon more for propelling services and products effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

robot-608426_960_720The data collected has led to monumental innovations in artificial intelligence. Microsoft for one is using artificial intelligence to analyze conversation and speech to enable its brand new translator for Skype, so translation in real time and in bidirectional way with speech tone mimicking can be done easily.

More research in underway to mimic the way human brain works to outsmart human intellect. The success of Eugene Groostman program in outsmarting Turing test and making people believe they are talking to a real individual, when it is only a software program they are talking to is a tremendous step forward. While technology in touching new horizons, so are the diseases that affect humankind. Despite many advances, we still need to take care of our physical and mental health. Good exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Wearing sturdy shoes such as those at NicerShoes.com help to perform the exercises better.

Wireless world

The Lithium ion batteries have ushered in a new range of batteries that could very well make the wires become extinct. Sodium batteries that are cheaper, stable, and powerful than Lithium batteries are being developed. While there is much more to be done in this area, wireless charging has certainly advanced well in 2015. Now you have inductive and conductive options. Magnetic resonance is being tried for wireless charging of batteries. In fact, many of the mobile phones used now have some sort of wireless charging facility inside them. In the coming year, more innovations on wireless charging can be expected.


The politics of money and its evil roots

The politics of money and its evil rootsThis post picks up on a previous post in which a coherent presentation was put forward to help readers understand politics, focusing on theoretical and scientific explanations thereof. This post picks up on one sub-theme that was noted in that earlier post; the question of ethics. What follows is a response to how global politics has been turned on its head since the conclusion of two World Wars during the first half of the previous century. It puts forward an argument in support of the old proverb that money is the root of all evil and has greatly influenced how global and local politics is practiced today.

History has a nasty habit of repeating itself

This website has pleasingly been using the metaphor of security and peace of mind for quite some time now as a successful selling point to encourage readers to put issues of safety ahead of other aesthetic and material interests. For instance, how a product looks should not be important. Rather, how it works and what it can do for the user is emphasized. We believe that it is an excellent example of the argument we are putting forward forthwith.

The world of geopolitics has, unfortunately come a long way since the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and Warren Buffet’s survival of the Great Depression which prompted FDR’s economic policies. It can also be argued that if it weren’t for the leadership of one of America’s greatest presidents, Winston Churchill may not have been able to succeed in his slaying of the evil and demented Adolf Hitler and his Nazis. But many readers here will agree that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself, even if mute in comparison to the lived realities of National Socialism during its heyday.

The politics of money has disastrous consequences

The politics of money and its evil rootsEven as recently as Barack Obama’s historic and first successful campaign to become President of the United States, the driving concern of the electorate has always been over money or the lack of it. Obama’s campaign was a direct response to the 2008 financial crisis which rocked the world and drove many ordinary men and women to the brink of extreme poverty, to say nothing of those who were already living below the breadline.

And in its most extreme form, politicians’ exploitation of the material concerns of citizens has seen them expropriate aspects of Hitler’s Mein Kampf which was an exploitative response to the poverty suffered by millions of Germans after losing the First World War. Issues of race and inequality, even if deliberately fabricated, cause desperate people to respond in kind. The politics of money leaves disastrous consequences for those who choose to believe the lies propagated by the politicians who dangle empty promises before them.

Fortunately, there is always a silver lining, particularly when leaders endeavor to follow the great example of Roosevelt. The results prove this. While global economies continue to struggle, America’s economy is growing and it remains the land of freedom and opportunity for others to at least replicate.


Art will help us all to survive

Art will help us all to surviveHow the human race best expresses itself since the dawn of humanity itself has been emphasized through the use of art. It has ensured that men and women could survive so far for thousands of years. Some readers here can be forgiven for believing that as things stand now in this world; things could not get any worse. Current events in the world, from scientific evolutions linked directly to human evolution, to global politics and wars, and to global warming and climate change suggest ominously that things could still get worse. But, truth be told, the world was a far hotter place before, figuratively and literally-speaking.

Art does not need money to thrive

Today’s artists, it can be said, have to go through much, making many sacrifices during their artistic evolution to be acknowledged and recognized for the efforts they make on behalf of society. In the genre of music, for instance, The Piano Report shows just how expensive musical instruments have become today. The same goes for many other art forms. For instance, writers here can relate directly to readers that in order to present their prose in a manner that stands out artistically and literarily, much reading needs to be done.

While the benefit of using the internet for the purposes of reading and research has been immeasurable for many writers, it still does not measure up to the importance of utilizing an original tome. And unless writers are mainly using library books and second-hand resources, they will readily tell you that books are quite expensive. But art does not need money to achieve excellence and make progress to help humanity thrive and survive. Miraculously, cave art has been preserved for thousands of years.

Art is seen, heard and felt

Art will help us all to surviveAlthough rudimentary as an art form in comparison with the techniques that men and women have at their disposal today, these pre-historic and primitive art works have chronicled events that even preceded the artists themselves. No currency or bartering system was required then to tell a story. And while there are those that debate its legend, cave art leaves clues to the possibility of a superior civilization having visited earth, although not in the same vein as fictionalized accounts of grotesquely characterized aliens invading earth, as told in H G Wells’ The War of the Worlds.

Ridley Scott’s science-fiction film, Prometheus, gave an excellent example of what we’ve suggested here. Nevertheless, whether through drawing, painting, writing or music, art is able to project something on humanity or respond to an event, inviting respondents, in turn, to think both subjectively and objectively about the subject matter. It may not be directly obvious to many who only have fleeting thoughts about art, but even today, art can be seen, heard and felt in everything that is used by men and women.

No matter how challenging life may seem now or is likely to be in the future, no different from the past, art, true to say, will help us all to survive.